​​​​​​Priscilla Orr

Editorial Review of "Jugglers and Tides":

"This is powerful, emotional poetry that explores such universal themes as childlessness, living alone, relationships with a mother or a father, dealing with the cancer of a friend, lost love, and more; Orr, a well-regarded New Jersey poet and teacher, has a way with words and feelings that is fresh and memorable."


"Jugglers and Tides" by Priscilla Orr is available on Amazon.

"Losing the Horizon," award-winning poet Priscilla Orr’s second collection, shares her feelings on love, aging, loss and death, as well as the comfort and courage we find in the natural cycle of the seasons -- spring, summer, winter and fall. What they’re saying about Losing the Horizon:

“This is a moving, poignant collection from a mature voice at the top of her craft.” — Paul Genega, poet

"Losing the Horizon" by Priscilla Orr is available on Amazon.