Saturday, March 24th, 10 a.m. — 3:00 p.m. | Princeton, NJ

Whose Body? Celebration and Reclamation will feature:

  • a diverse group of poets
  • performances and readings 
  • small group conversations & writing activities..

Programming will approach topics including body image, body trauma,

  •  environment & the body,
  • the marginalized body,
  • the incarcerated body,
  • body politics,
  • healing & the bo y,
  • the gendered body, the non-gendered body,
  • senses & the body,
  • and many others.

Featured Performers include: 

C. Bain,  Mahogany,  L . Browne,  Robert Carnevale,  Courtney Charleston, 

Ona Gritz, Nicole Homer, Priscilla Orr, J.C. Todd, Margaret Waldok, Rachel Wiley

Registration is required.  We are collecting $15 per person to cover catering costs. for lunch.  Teachers may receive up to 5 Professional Development Hours for attending.   To register go to

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​Whose Body? Celebration



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Priscilla Orr