Workshop Descriptions

​​​​​​Priscilla Orr

I truly enjoy conducting workshops for small groups of 7 to 15 writers, although I can accommodate more participants.  Ideally, a workshop is 2-3 hours.  Workshops can take place in your home or at another suitable location.

Here are some of my workshop topics, but I am happy to hear your ideas about what you'd like to learn in a writing workshop:

Poetry Workshops - Craft Lessons & Writing Workshops

  • A Leap Into the Void -- Craft, Imagination & Duende
  • Oh Cards - The Subconscious at Work
  • Bringing the Mystical into Your Work
  • When Animals Show Up in Our Poems
  • Craft Lessons:  Syntax, Rhythm, and Music

Non-fiction Workshops​ -- Effective Ways to Communicate

  • ​​Love letters-- How to help loved ones experience your love for them.
  • Writing the Difficult -- How to reach out to someone with whom you've had difficulty, or to someone for whom you're worried.
  • ​Elegy -- how to write an elegy that honors the person you've lost and comforts the others who loved her/him.

Please Contact me to discuss your ideas, cost, and scheduling.